Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

German Spezialitäten

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All German specialities except bratwurst served with a brötchen (handmade 7 grain roll)

Bratwurst Dinner $14.50

Chicken Curry Sausage Dinner $14.50
Our excellent handmade bratwurst, or our lightly spicy handmade Chicken Curry Sausages, served two links with hot German potato salad, carefully seasoned sauerkraut and fresh, homemade rye bread. Don’t forget the homemade mustard or the homemade curry ketchup! Polish sausage also available.
Two links served with bread only $10.50

Sausage Sampler $14.50
One of each Bratwurst, Polish sausage and Curry sausage, served with potato salad and rye bread.

Bratwurst Lunch $8.25
One link of bratwurst served with a small scoop of potato salad and a slice of rye bread.

Bratwurst on a Bun $8.25
One link of bratwurst served on a bun with sauerkraut and a handful of fries.

Wiener Schnitzel
This classic German meal is a tender slice of veal or pork, breaded and pan fried. Served with a green salad.
Veal (One slice) $19.00 (Two slices) $26.50
Pork (One slice) $13.50 (Two slices) $19.00

Lunch Sauerbraten $11.25
Slices of marinated beef in its own tangy gravy, served with spaetzel
(large) $18.50

Lunch Spaetzel & Cheese $7.25
A fun casserole of spaetzel noodles, mornay (white cheese) sauce and mozzarella (large) $11.00
With seasoned, mixed vegetables $8.25 (large) $13.00.

Lunch Deutschburger Casserole $9.00
Ground beef, onion and mushrooms served over spaetzel and topped with mozzarella cheese (large) $13.50

Lunch Alsatian Casserole $8.00
A simple and satisfying meal! Slices of potato, sauerkraut and smoked sausage (large) $12.00

Lunch Hungarian Goulash $9.75
Beef, onions, tomatoes and green peppers deftly spiced yields a tasty and hearty stew (large) $16.75

Side Dishes

Spaetzel $6.00
Homemade egg noodles - as seen on the Food Network! Served with gravy or butter.

German Potato Salad $6.00
Homemade, with bacon, onion & cider vinegar, served warm.

Potato Pancake
Satisfy your craving for this fried pancake! one $4.50 / two $8.00

French Fries $6.00
Hand-cut. Real. Good.

Ham and Sauerkraut Balls $6.50
A best-selling appetizer! Three balls are a blend of ham, cheese & sauerkraut, deep-fried.

Red Cabbage $6.00
This bowl of sweet-sour red cabbage is the best!

Fried Cabbage $6.00
Crunchy, savory white cabbage, bacon & onion.

Sauerkraut $6.00
A traditional favorite, lightly seasoned.

Sandwiches and Lunches

All sandwiches and lunches served with French fries.
Substitute a cup of soup or small salad for $2.25

Spargel Toast $10.50
A favorite open faced sandwich! Ham slices and asparagus spears are topped with mornay sauce.

Pineapple Toast $10.50
This tasty open-faced sandwich features ham, pineapple and melted cheddar cheese. In Germany they call it "Hawaii Toast".

Burger $9.75
Our specially seasoned hamburger is served with lettuce, tomato and onion.
Cheeseburger $10.25
Swiss or cheddar.

Veggie Burger $10.25
A combination of grains, veggies and exotic, yet mild spices. Our own secret recipe!

Bavarian Pork Sandwich $11.50
A fork-and-knife sandwich! Cubed pork in a flavorful sauce, with Swiss cheese melted on top.

Reuben Sandwich
half: $9.00 / whole: $14.25
A classic sandwich with corned beef, Swiss cheese and mild sauerkraut on toasted rye! Served with handmade 1000 island dressing on the side.

Sauerbraten Sliders
one slider: $8.25 two sliders: $12.00
Pieces of sauerbraten meat are piled on buns and topped with red cabbage slaw.

Fish and Chips $11.75
Served with handmade Tartar sauce.

Soup and Salads

Soup of the Day
bowl $5.00

Lentil Soup
bowl $5.00

Lentil Soup with Sausage $9.00
A delicious, dark bean soup with a sliced Polish sausage added. Lentils are one of the super foods!

Liver Pate
A rich, delicious, liver pate made with herbs and brandy. Garnished and served with rye bread.
half: $8.50 whole: $13.00

Wurst Salad $12.00
Julienne slices of homemade sausage loaf marinated in vinegar and oil, with onions, pimentos and pickles, are served on a bed of lettuce, with bread.

Lentil and Spaetzel Salad $8.50
Tossed with parsley and tomatoes in a refreshingly tart lemon-olive oil dressing.

Herring Salad with Toast $13.00
Wine-pickled herring, onions and pickles, with fresh greens.

Tossed Salad with dressing $6.00
Oil and Vinegar, Creamy Herb, Bleu Cheese, and Thousand Island dressings are available — all homemade!

See our dessert menu for a selection of homemade European tortes!