Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

German Spezialitäten

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All German specialities except bratwurst served with a brötchen (handmade 7 grain roll)

Bratwurst Dinner
Our excellent handmade bratwurst, two links with hot German potato salad, carefully seasoned sauerkraut and fresh, homemade rye bread. $13.25
Polish sausage also available. Ask about current special homemade sausages!
Two links served with bread only $9.50 / add a third link: $4.75 extra

Bratwurst Lunch
One link of bratwurst served with a small scoop of potato salad and a slice of rye bread. $7.50

Bratwurst on a Bun
One link of bratwurst served on a bun with sauerkraut and a handful of fries. $7.50

Wiener Schnitzel (Pork)
A lean slice of pork breaded and pan fried, served with salad. $12.25
Veal also available $16.00

Lunch Sauerbraten
Slices of marinated beef in its own tangy gravy, served with spaetzel. $10.25 / large $18.50

Lunch Spaetzel & Cheese
A fun casserole of spaetzel noodles, mornay (white cheese) sauce and mozzarella. $6.50 / large: $9.95

Pork Shank
Large, meaty shank served with real mashed potatoes. $14.00

Lunch Deutschburger Casserole
Ground beef, onion and mushrooms served over spaetzel and topped with mozzarella cheese. $8.00 / large $12.25

Lunch Alsatian Casserole
A simple and satisfying meal! Slices of potato sauerkraut and smoked sausage. $6.75 / large $9.95

Lunch Hungarian Goulash
Beef, onions, tomatoes and green peppers deftly spiced yields a tasty and hearty stew. $8.75 / large $15.25

Side Dishes

Homemade egg noodles - as seen on the Food Network! $5.00

German Potato Salad
Homemade, with bacon, onion & cider vinegar, served hot. $5.00

Potato Pancake
Satisfy your craving for this fried pancake! $4.00 / two for $7.25

Ham and Sauerkraut Balls
A best-selling appetizer for many years, this blend of ham, cheese and sauerkraut is breaded and deep-fried. 3 for $5.75

Red Cabbage
A sweet-sour red cabbage—the best in the Twin Cities! $5.00

Fried Cabbage
Crunchy, savory white cabbage, bacon and onion. $5.00

A traditional favorite, lightly seasoned. $5.00

French Fries
Hand-cut. Real. Good. $5.25

Sandwiches and Lunches

All sandwiches and lunches served with french fries.
Substitute a cup of soup or small salad for $2.00

Spargel Toast
A favorite open faced sandwich! Ham slices and asparagus spears are topped with mornay sauce. $9.50

Pineapple Toast
This tasty open-faced sandwich features ham, pineapple and melted cheddar cheese. $9.50

Our specially seasoned hamburger is served with lettuce, tomato and onion. $8.95
Add Swiss or cheddar: $9.25

Veggie Burger
A combination of grains, veggies and exotic, yet mild spices. Our own secret recipe! $9.25

Bavarian Pork Sandwich
A fork-and-knife sandwich! Pork and vegetables in a flavorful sauce, with Swiss cheese melted on top. $10.50

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
half: $6.50 / whole: $9.95

Cheese only sandwich
half: $5.25 / whole: $8.75

Reuben or Rachel
A classic corned beef (or turkey, if it's a Rachel!), Swiss cheese and mild sauerkraut on toasted rye sandwich! Served with our handmade 1000 island dressing.
half: $8.00 / whole: $12.95

Fish and Chips $10.50

Chicken Strips $9.50

Soup and Salads

Soup of the Day ( ask your server! )bowl $4.25

Lentil Soup bowl $4.25

Lentil Soup with Sausage
A delicious, dark bean soup with a sliced Polish sausage added. Lentils are one of the super foods! $8.25

Black Forest Liver Pate
A rich, delicious, liver pate made with herbs and brandy. Garnished and served with rye bread.
half: $7.75 / whole: $11.75

Wurst Salad
Julienne slices of homemade sausage loaf marinated in vinegar and oil, with onions, pimentos and pickles, are served on a bed of lettuce, with bread. $10.75

Caesar Salad
A classic salad with garlicky dressing, anchovy and parmesan. $7.50
with chicken: $12.25
with salmon: $14.50

Lentil and Spaetzel Salad
Tossed with parsley and tomatoes in a refreshingly tart lemon-olive oil dressing. $7.75

Sauerbraten Aspic Lunch
A rare treat! A cold, rustic terrine served with Dijon mustard sauce and rye bread. $6.75
large: $11.00

Herring Salad with Toast
Wine-pickled herring, onions and pickles, with fresh greens. $11.75

Lunch Matjes Herring
Salt herring in a sour cream sauce with pickles, onions and apples, and our own rye bread. $7.25
large: $11.50

Tossed Salad with dressing
Oil and Vinegar, Creamy Herb, Bleu Cheese, French and Thousand Island dressings are available—all homemade! $5.25

See our dessert menu for a selection of homemade European tortes!