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From our kitchen to your party!

You know that we make all our food from scratch and that the restaurant features authentic and delicious meals every day, but did you now that many of your favorite dishes here can be ordered in large quantities for your next big dinner or event?

From the stocks to the noodles, our handmade food can be ordered in any quantity. With 24 hour notice, we can provide you with all the authentic German food you need for a memorable party of event!

Try one of these ideas!

Bratwurst Dinner for 10
Our most popular item, served in your home or office $120.00

Includes: bratwurst (to grill yourself), potato salad, sauerkraut, homemade mustard and our handmade rye bread!
Add some apple strudel ($38 per roll) and you have a delicious and affordable feast!

Sauerbraten Dinner for 10
A great choice for people looking for a traditional German meal $250.00

Includes: sauerbraten meat and gravy, spaetzel, red cabbage and some multi-grain rolls.
Add one of our European desserts for an excellent and effortless meal!

Main Dishes

» by the pound unless noted otherwise «

Our famous handmade bratwurst are lean and delicious. Grilled to perfection, they can be ordered hot and ready to eat in any quantity. $5.25

5 or more links $4.50 per link
25 or more links $4.00 per link
50 or more links $3.50 per link

Also available cold, by the pound: $9.50/lb (4-5 links per pound)

Don’t forget to ask for our Homemade Bavarian Sweet Mustard: $0.25 per portion

Hungarian Goulash
A spicy stew of beef, tomatoes, peppers and onions. $13.00
(one pound serves 2-3)

KÖnigsberger Klops
A meatball of veal, pork and beef served in a white caper gravy. $8.00 each

Sliced, marinated beef in its' own characteristically tangy gravy. $23.00
(one pound serves 2-3)

A 6 oz. slice of beef rolled around carrot, pickle and onion, served in dark brown gravy. $12.50 each

Paprika Schnitzel
A slice of pork in a sour cream, bacon, onion and paprika gravy. $9.50 each

Roast Pork
Delicious slices of pork seasoned with pepper and oregano, served in a brown gravy. $16.00
(one pound served 2-3)

Side Dishes and Salads

» by the pound «

Spaetzel & Cheese
This can be served as a side dish or as a main meal! $8.50

This can be sliced small for a starter or large for a meal. We caramelize onions for a savory topping on a crisp crust. A traditional German fall meal.
Large (1/2 Sheet)$50.00
Small (11” Round)$15.00

Veggie Burger
Our unique & delicious Veggie Burgers are made without meat and dairy- but plenty of grains, nuts, mushrooms and vegetables. Sold cold only.
Per patty$7.50

Homemade egg noodles. A bestseller! $4.50
(one pound serves 3-4)

German Potato Salad
The traditional way: potatoes, onion and bacon, in a light vinegar dressing. $6.50
(one pound serves 3-5)

Red Cabbage
Our sweet and sour red cabbage is crunchy and delicious. $6.50
(one pound serves 3-5)

We season our kraut to be both mild and flavorful. It's the best! $6.00
(one pound serves 3-5)

Appetizers & Salads

» by the pound, unless noted otherwise «

Liver Pate
A rich spread for crackers or rye bread. A creamy, savory treat! $18.00
(one pound serves 8-10)
With garnishes$24.00 per lb

Pickled Herring
Wine pickled herring pieces are tossed with onions, pickles, and field greens. $18.00
(one pound serves 6-8)

Lentil and Spaetzel Salad
A refreshing cold salad of lentils and spaetzel in a lemon-oil dressing. $7.25
(one pound serves 3-5)

Wurst Salad
A savory salad made with slices of wurst, onions and pickles in an oil and vinegar dressing. $8.50
(one pound serves 3-5)


Multi Grain Rolls (BrÖtchen)

Deli Rye Bread
3 lb loaf$6.00