Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Breads To Go

Download our Breads Menu (.pdf)

Whether you've had a sandwich here at lunch or roll with dinner, you know that our bread is a great part of any meal! But did you know that all of your favorite breads here could also add that special touch to your meals at home?

Our professional staff makes fresh, handmade breads everyday. They are available to take home on an "as available" basis or the breads of your choice can be special ordered in any quantity.

Small Breads

by the dozen

Small, multi-grain rolls with sesame or poppy seeds sprinkled on them. $6.00

Bread Sticks
Six inch long bread sticks, just between crunchy and chewy. $8.00

Medium sized soft pretzels with rock salt, a perfect snack or complement to soup. $15.00

Hamburger Buns / Bratwurst Buns
Soft, white buns, generously sized. $8.00


by the dozen

Scones / Muffins
There is nothing like a fresh, moist muffin or a hearty, flavorful scone in the morning or anytime. Ask about your favorite varieties! $16.50


Deli rye
A mid-weight, all-purpose bread just right for serving with dinner, toasting and, and of course, sandwiches. $3.75

Dill Pickle rye
A savory, light-rye bread with texture, flavor and body. Eat it on its own or use it to make a special sandwich. $4.25

Sourdough white
A little denser than a regular white bread—for people who like a chewy, flavorful bread. $4.00

***The following loaves must be ordered in advance***

Caraway rye
A dense, slightly darker rye with the distinctive flavor of caraway. $4.00

Five Grain Honey Loaf
A feast for bread lovers, good enough to eat on its own. $4.25

Pumpernickel Sauerkraut rye
Dark, rich bread made with coffee, cocoa and sauerkraut. A delicious match with sausage or cheese. $4.25