Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Breakfast at The Black Forest Inn

Download our Breakfast Menu (.pdf)

German Breakfast
Eat breakfast as if you were in Germany - German style cold meats, cheeses and jam withour own baked broetchen and locally made Hope creamery butter. $8.50 (for two - $15.00)

Available Saturday and Sunday only
Individual size Quiche of the day, served with muesli, fruit or salad. $7.25

New York Egg Sandwich
Two slices Bacon, one egg (over hard) on sourdough white toast. $3.75
(with cheese, add $0.50)

Apple Pancake
Please allow 20 minutes for preparation
One big oven-baked German style pancake with caramelized apples. Served quartered with butter and syrup. $7.50

2 Eggs and Toast
Your choice of bread with eggs your way. $4.75

2 Eggs, Hash browns and Toast
Your choice of bread with eggs your way. $6.75

2 Eggs, Hash browns, with Bacon, Ham or Polish Sausage and Toast
Your choice of meat with eggs your way. $9.75

Eggs Benedict
Not named after the German Pope, but a dignified traditionalist anyway. Can't be rushed. Served with hashbrowns. $8.75

Oats, bran, fruit, honey and yogurt - Healthy Swiss food! Nuts and raisins optional. $4.00

A fresh, handmade cream scone with jam. $2.25
(with fruit compote and honey cream, add $0.50)


Yogurt $3.00
Toast, 2 slices with jam and butter $1.25
Polish sausage, ham or bacon $4.50
Potato pancake $3.50
Hash browns $3.50
Cereal with bananas $3.75


Our Own Blend of Morningstar Coffee $1.50
Cappuccino $3.75
Tea - black, green or herbal $1.50
Juice - orange, grapefruit, cranberry $2.50

All prices subject to applicable sales and liquor taxes