Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Signature Cocktails

Original Martinis

J Carver Steinhäger-style gin, Kümmel and sauerkraut juice. $8.50

J Carver Steinhäger-style gin and our infused black pepper vodka. $8.50

Vodka, Apfelkorn and apple juice. $7.50

Mannheim Chocolatini
J Carver Steinhäger-style gin, Cointreau and our own Mannheim Chocolate liqueur. $8.50

Special Shots

Bee Sting
It's honey-sweet, with a sting! $7.00

Apple Strudel
Berentzen Applekorn is at the base of this drink - it tastes just like Strudel! $7.00

Those Moody Germans…

Angry German
The Angry German is Jägermeister with a special kick. $7.00

Fiery German
The Fiery German is Jägermeister, spiced up. $7.00

Crusty German
The Crusty German is Jägermeister and Kümmel. $7.00

A Few Premium Mixed Drinks

(Black Forest Inn Barrel Gin Old Fashioned)
J Carver Barrel 118 Gin, Cherry-Rosemary simple syrup and a squeeze of orange juice. $10.00

Barrel Gin Sour
J Carver Barrel 118 Gin with lemon juice and simple syrup $10.00

German Liqueurs

Bärenjäger: frozen honey liqueur $7.50
Berentzen Appelkorn: apple brandy $6.50
Berentzen Pear: pear brandy $6.50
Black Haus: frozen blackberry schnapps $6.50
Feigling: fig liqueur $6.00
Goldschlager: cinnamon schnapps $6.50
Jägermeister: frozen herbal liqueur $6.50
Edel Kirsch: Black Forest cherry liqueur $6.50
Kirschwasser: Cherry brandy $7.50
Kümmel: frozen caraway liqueur $6.50
Icemint: frozen peppermint schnapps $6.50


Amaretto di Saronno $7.00
Aquavit $6.50
B & B $7.50
Chartreuse $10.00
Drambuie $9.00
Frangelico $7.50
Grand Marnier $9.00
Sambucca $7.00
Tia Maria $7.50

Premium Liquors

J Carver Steinhäger-style Gin, served frozen $8.25
J Carver Exclusive Barrel 118 Aged Gin $9.50
Tito’s Vodka $6.50
Ketel One Vodka $7.25
Grey Goose Vodka $8.50
Bombay Sapphire Gin $7.25
Hendricks Gin $9.00
El Jimador Blanco Tequila $7.00
El Tesoro Añejo Tequila $10.00

House Infused Vodkas $7.00
(ask about our current selection)

Single Malt WHISKEY

Red Breast 12 yr old Irish Whiskey $9.50
Glenmorangie 10 yr old Scotch $10.00
Macallan 12 yr old Scotch $11.00
Balvenie 15 yr old Scotch $13.00


Bulleit Rye $7.00
Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch $8.50
Wyoming Whiskey Bourbon $8.25
Knob Creek Bourbon $9.00
Basil Hayden Bourbon $9.50

Brandy & Cognac

Courvoisier V.S.O.P. $9.00
J. Carver Apple Brandy $9.00
Asbach Uralt $7.50