Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Join us for OKTOBERFEST 2016!

Every night's fun shows up here the next day. Join us and you could see yourself!
Come to The Black Forest Inn during Oktoberfest, and join in the fun!!
Show us your pictures!!!


The return of the Alphorns! Beer! Now that's the way to tap a keg! Beer, anyone? Jim Strehlke & Eric Ray! Paulaner Night! Eric Ray! A toast... to Oktoberfest!

Night 1 of Oktoberfest 2016:
Prost! Night

Ceremonial Keg Tapping & restaurant-wide toast!

Live music! Alphorns!
The Matterhorn Trio in our beer garden!

Jim Strehlke & Eric Ray on horns & accordion!

Bavarian Beer Riots!

Paulaner Night!

Tie the Knot Night! Andy McCormick!

Night 2 of Oktoberfest 2016:
Tie the Knot Night

All day weddings!

Get married!

Renew your vows!

Celebrate your anniversary!

Live music! Dreamland Faces!

Hacker-Pschorr Night!

Dumpling Night! Dumpling specials! Mark Stillman! Dumpling chunkin'! Wear what you eat! Dumplings!

Night 3 of Oktoberfest 2016:
Dumpling Night

Miss Dumpling contest!

Live music! Mark Stillman - accordion!

Dumplin' Chunkin'!

Dumpling specials!

Pilsner Urquel night!

Night 4 of Oktoberfest 2016:
The Wurst Night of Oktoberfest

The Brat Bar!

Mark Stillman on accordion!

Monday Night Demonstrations!



Dada Night! Random Dada! Dada! Dreamland Faces!

Night 5 of Oktoberfest 2016:
Dada Night

Random Dada performances!

Live music! Dreamland Faces!

Exquisite Corpse!

Dada films!

DinkelAcker Night!

Night 6 of Oktoberfest 2016:
95 Theses Night



Lutheran jokes!

Medieval music!

Medieval food!

Spaten Night!

Night 7 of Oktoberfest 2016:
Hermann the German Night or Why do the Germans Speak German?

Kids who speak German!

Live music! Mark Stillman on accordion!

Games! Prizes!

J Carver Gin!

Schells Night!

The Return of The Hoff! The Happy Wanderers! Surly prizes!

Night 8 of Oktoberfest 2016:
The Triumphant Return of David Hasselhoff Night

Photo opportunities!

Prize giveaways!

Malibu girl!

Surly Night!

Summit Night! Brian Russeth! Dan Turpening!

Night 9 of Oktoberfest 2016:
Black Turtleneck Night



Zodiak Berlin!


Summit Night!

Mark Stillman! Kaput!

Night 10 of Oktoberfest 2016:
Drain the Keg Night

18 Beers on tap!

Beer prices drop!

Live music! Mark Stillman on accordion!


Get the Boot!