Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Join us for OKTOBERFEST 2015!

Every night's fun shows up here the next day. Join us and you could see yourself!
Come to The Black Forest Inn during Oktoberfest, and join in the fun!!
Show us your pictures!!!


Welcome to Oktoberfest! The Matterhorn Trio! The official Keg-tapping ceremony! Beer! To Oktoberfest! Giant pretzel! Sven! Bring on the band! Moonlight serenade Prost!

Night 1 of Oktoberfest 2015:
Prost! Night

Ceremonial Keg Tapping & restaurant-wide toast!

Live music! Alphorns!
The Matterhorn Trio in our beer garden!

Jim ten Bensel - horns;
Denny Malmberg - accordion!

Der Blaue Engel!

Paulaner Night!

Night 2 of Oktoberfest 2015:
Maskenball Night

Costume Ball!

Mysterious looks!

Fantastical Outfits!

Dreamland Faces


The Golem!

Night 3 of Oktoberfest 2015:
Is Your German Better Than a 5th Grader's?

Kids who speak German!

Live music! Mark Stillman - accordion!

Beer For Adults!

Nosferatu - from 1922!

Nosferatu - from 1979!

Night 4 of Oktoberfest 2015:
The Wurst Night of Oktoberfest

The Brat Bar!

Mark Stillman on accordion!

Grain Belt Night!

Surly Bar!


Night 5 of Oktoberfest 2015:
Freudian Slip Night

Bring your Id!

Bring your ego!

Unrepressed desires!


Night 6 of Oktoberfest 2015:

Unseen Worlds!

Haunted Basements!

Paranormal Society Tours!


Night 7 of Oktoberfest 2014:
Weisenheimer Night

German humor!

Rotten tomatoes!

Billboard contest!

Live music! Happy Wanderers -
accordion & tuba!

Schells Night!

Night 8 of Oktoberfest 2015:
Berliner Night

Berlin in the '20s!

Dreamland Faces


Jelly doughnuts!

Spaten Night!

Night 9 of Oktoberfest 2015:
Tie the Knot Night

All day weddings!

Get married!

Renew your vows!


Celebrate your anniversary!

Live music! Jim ten Bensel - horns;
Denny Malmberg - accordion

Hacker-Pschorr Night!

Night 10 of Oktoberfest 2015:
Drain the Keg Night

18 Beers on tap!

Dropping the price of beer!

Live music!

Get the Boot!