Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Join us for OKTOBERFEST 2012!

Every night's fun shows up here the next day. Join us and you could see yourself!
Come to The Black Forest Inn during Oktoberfest, and join in the fun!!


Welcome to Octoberfest 2012! The Matterhorn Trio returns! Jim ten Bensel! A pair of Prosts! The official keg tapping ceremony! A prost to beer! Denny Malmberg! Bier! A welcome sight! Another welcome sight! Jim & Denny entertain the dining crowd. Sven keeps the drafts coming! To good friends, and good beer!

Night 1 of Oktoberfest 2012:
Prost! Night

The best way to start Oktoberfest is with a toast!

Alphorns with the Matterhorn Trio; Jim ten Bensel on horns.

Ceremonial keg-tapping!

Hacker Pschorr Night!

Tales from The Brothers Grimm Dreamland Faces are in the house! A story with your meal? Something strange seems to be brewing in the fountain! The magical musical saw of Dreamland Faces Accordions have a magic of their own! Let me tell you a tale of far away and long ago... Who is this handsome young maiden? Storybook characters come to life! Come here, my little pretties....! Good friends, great food, and wonderful stories!

Night 2 of Octoberfest 2012:
Grimm Night

A celebration of creatures, witches and monsters!

Dreamland Faces, an accordion and saw duo!

Ayinger Night!

Beer of the day: Franziskaner! A thirst for adventure! What could those fashionable feet be pedaling? This pub seems to be moving! Presenting.... The Pedal Pub! Drinking beer was never this much fun before! All aboard! The Pedal Pub is defintely going places! Back to The Black Forest Inn for another round! Just look at those comfortably-dressed feet! What a nice night for a bike ride - with beer!

Night 3 of Octoberfest 2011:
Socks with Sandals Night

Release your inner German tourist!

Free pedal pub rides!

Franziskaner night!

The night of the tuba! It's a lovely night for a tuba! To the Brat Bar! Homemade sauces for homemade brats. What's better than brats + beer? More brats and beer! To brats, beer and tubas! A beer garden serenade A prost to tubas! This night belongs to tubas! Tuba mania! Ready to play! Tuba music to dine by! After a long night of beer, brats, and tubas.

Night 4 of Octoberfest 2011:
The Wurst Night of Oktoberfest

The brat bar returns!


Grain Belt Night!

Movie night! Live musical accompaniment by Dreamland Faces Musical saw! Accordion! Beer of the day: Dortmunder Silent films in the bier garden Movies and pretzels! A pretzel bigger than your head! Silent films and live music in the banquet space A Buster Keaton classic

Night 5 of Octoberfest 2012:
Kino Abend / Movie Night!

Silent movies!

Live music with Dreamland Faces!

Dortmunder Night!

Wagner Night! Formal attire optional Beer of the day: Summit! Viking sighting! Care for a game of cribbage? Fashionable dinner ware That's one happy viking! Can this high note shatter a glass? Beer and cribbage: a winning combination! A young Wagner fan If this doesn't shatter a glass, nothing will! These helmets are also great for spinning

Night 6 of Octoberfest 2012:
Wagner Night

Glass shattering contest!

Über-spectacular, epic, cinematic operas!

Do you have what it takes to be a supernumerary?

Summit Night!

Re-unify! Re-unified dining at its' best! Eric Ray serenades the dining crowd Schell's! Happy owner of a piece of the Berlin Wall! A prost to re-unification! Good music and good food! ...mmmmmm...Deutschburger Casserole!! The lucky winner of a trip to New Ulm! Another proud owner of a piece of the Berlin Wall! You're never too young to re-unify with friends! Re-unified friends!

Night 7 of Octoberfest 2012:
Reunification Day


Benefit night for the Germanic-American Institute’s Kinderstube!

Win a piece of the Berlin Wall!

Schells Night!

Dreamland Faces The musical saw at work Prost! Try a delicious jelly donut! Prize drawing! Krautrock in the banquet space! Modern German fashion Welcome to Zodiak Berlin In the groove Mystery DJ Inside the Fetsaal Krautrock foosball! Fashionably attired

Night 8 of Octoberfest 2012:
Berliner Night

Live music with Dreamland Faces!

Krautrock in the banquet space!

Spaten Night!

Beer of the day: Paulaner! The return of the giant pretzel! Sigmund Freud and Jim ten Bensel A lovely pretzel portrait Jim ten Bensel is ready to entertain! Sing along if you know the words! German dining at its' best! Giant pretzels: bringing friends closer together Mark Stillman serenades the bar crowd All together now! Sometimes you have to drink outside the pretzel How about a little post-dining analysis? There, don't you feel better now? All this beer just waiting for final night of Oktoberfest...

Night 9 of Octoberfest 2012:
Freudian Slip Night

No id, no service. No ego, no strudel!

The Doctor is in. Tell him about your mother.

Live music with Horn player Jim ten Bensel & Co!

Paulaner Night!

The mission is simple - drain the kegs! What this night is all about Prost! To draining the kegs! Did you enter the grand prize drawing? Who will win the grand prize? The last night of Oktoberfest Meatball Skewers! This will make a great midnight snack! A Viking with beer is a welcome sight! A lot of beer in need of drinking Everyone is helping drain the kegs! To good friends, and good beer!

Night 10 of Octoberfest 2012:
Drain the Keg Night

The party doesn't end til the beer is gone!

We're going to start dropping the price of beer at 2pm and keep dropping it until the beer is gone. Seriously.

Grand Prize drawing